Australia’s Customer Service Experts

Australian Retail’s Mystery Shopping services provides national businesses and government departments with accurate customer service research obtained by anonymously shopping at or visiting these companies. The Australian Retail solution is a complete mystery shopping service which utilises the latest in technology & processes to facilitate a faster, more efficient and easier mystery shopping process.

Australia’s most sophisticated systems & processes

Australian Retail has the most advanced, sophisticated Mystery Shopping product globally. Giving you an instant “at your fingertips competitive advantage”. We will benchmark your current system with a “No Obligation” process.

Competitive Advantage – Knowledge & Information

Australian Retail’s Mystery Shopping is in the business of helping our clients achieve this competitive advantage in the marketplace. Crucial to this process is our ability to understand your business and provide a cost-effective, customised solution to efficiently measure sales, operations, marketing, HR imperatives and most importantly, the customer experience. An effective performance program can reveal hidden deficits and operational issues, affording you the opportunity to take corrective action before you lose customers and profits.

Our team brings together an extensive background in program development, design an implementation. No matter what your industry or goals, Australian Retail can help you improve your business performance, increase customer retention and improve your bottom line! The Australian Retail platform has extensive expertise in a wide range of industries.

Market Segments

Clothing - Delivering solutions and data to Australia's largest clothing chains.

Hospitality - Over 20 years of experience within this market segment. Get answers and information about your execution.

Franchise - Systems congruency is the key to any Franchise brands success. Let us show you solutions we are currently delivering to the Australian & New Zealand Franchise industry.

Government - Examine exactly how well you process and complete your deliverables.

Real Estate - Reporting based on your teams performance in field, with perspective buyers. Is your brands minimum expectations being met, in this relationship & price sensitive market?

Automotive - Unique products and sales process are overcome, by applying sophisticated solutions. In turn delivering data that has never been available within this market segment.

Banking & Finance - Detail is the key when it comes to this segment. We capture and report on exactly your system requirements, but also on your regulatory responsibilities.

QSR Fast Food - Systems based process that meet and match with the segment perfectly. Allowing 100's of touch points captured, all based on your imperatives.

Health & Fitness - Having partnered with some of the leader within this industry globally, our ability to provide sophisticated solutions is second to none. Identify facilities, sales, processes, operations and everything else in between.

Accommodation - Need to know exactly what you customers experience from the exact moment they book through to concierge, check inn, housekeeping, room service, F&B & checkout.

Sales - We'll tell you exactly where your sales teams are placed, daily. Know their approach, qualify, follow up, pre close & closing process. Take the guess work out of it, make it quantifiable.